NavaRider 2016

On 8th October 2016 Motorutas, Asociación de Hostelería de Navarra and Reyno de Navarra (regional government) organised this great challenge.

The event brought over 700 motorcycles in Pamplona (Navarra, ES) that enjoyed a non-competitive journey of 420 km through different places and countryside from the northern region.



The challenge started in Pamplona. From there we headed the road that had to get us to Navarra Circuit. We went by the road leading to Alloz swamp. Once in the circuit, the organisation provided breakfast for all of us. And, on the other hand, for those who had booked a track to the circuit, they had to rush to get there on time.



We did not book track to the circuit (maybe next year?). So we continued the challenge to the hunt of the next checkpoint. The next stop was at Echarri Aranaz passing through Ubasa Mountains. In that point, cattle and fog made an appearance. Once we got to the 2nd checkpoint, we had another break to recover energy all provided by the organisation: «pintxos» and coffee or a soft drink. From there, we headed towards the Pyrenees to reach Etxalar and get to the following checkpoint that was located in Zugarramurdi. Before getting there, we bumped into a “secondary road” almost private very damaged. It lasted from Orizki to Zugarramurdi. At this time of the day, it was almost 1.30pm and it was time to stop for lunch at the different restaurants that the organisation provided to the riders to choose when they got registered.


After recovering energies, there was still time to visit the famous caves of Zugarramurdi. Spectacular views! So, enjoying the challenge a lot! Motorbike mixed with gastronomic and cultural stuff hahaha

Late afternoon, we headed Elizondo-Linzoáin though some more mountains passes and lots of curving to finally reach Aoiz, the last checkpoint before returning to Pamplona.


NavaRider Day 2016 was a very complete challenge-route in which was possible to enjoy the roads and different mountain ports of the Navarrese geography mixed with gastronomy at every checkpoint, and also at night in Pamplona city centre at different restaurants. The weather was pretty good despite starting on Saturday at 8ºC. We are quite sure that this event will gain more riders at the following editions.


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