Rider1000® remembering 2016 edition


On 7th May 2016, the city of Manresa (Barcelona, ES) brought 2001 riders from all around the country and also from European countries such as Andorra, France, Portugal and Switzerland. The challenge, which is a non-competitive route, is organised by Motoclub Manresa. It consists in passing through all the checkpoints to have the “Rider Passport” sealed. All the roads are located in Catalonia (Spain) and every rider has the choice to decide whether to use an itinerary or another, so there is not a defined route by the organisation.

As it is tradition, after New Year’s eve, Motoclub Manresa activate through their website the different itineraries for the 2017 edition. Because of this, we are going to remember our participation at 2016 edition 😉


This event has 3 modalities:
  • Rider 1000: about 20 hours* ride to complete the challenge.
  • Rider 500: about 11 hours.
  • Rider 300: about 7 hours.

*Estimated time according to a regular speed of 50 km/h.

In our case, we chose the Rider500 mode.


The organisation provided the checkpoints that were located at:
  1. Les Pobles (stop at Santes Creus monastery to have breakfast)
  2. El Lloar (quick stop at Siurana swamp)
  3. Prat de Compte (quick visit to Castell de Miravet, a medieval castle)
  4. Batea
  5. Margalef
  6. Montgai
  7. Solsona

Finally, after going through loads of spectacular countryside, we finally arrived to Manresa very happy of what we had achieved. We are sure that next year we will be back.. for the 1000 km mode maybe?? 😉


Photo copyrighted by http://www.dferentpics.com


More info from the 2016 edition and also future challenges at: http://www.rider1000.com/

We hope you have enjoyed by reading our post and do not hesitate in contacting us for any suggestion. Please follow us on our brand new upgraded Twitter, Faceboook, Instagram and YouTube channel too. See you again soon 😉

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