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We are back for another week’s post at SmartMotoRiders. This time we bring you a super interview with Keef Luv, a very good friend, motorcycle lover, musician, and melodic house & techno Dj composer, who also collaborates with our SmartMotoRiders project since its creation.


Keef, how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as young-hearted, outgoing, social, soft, crazy, energetic, hyper and sympathetic. I think that about sums me up, maybe not forgetting creative.

I’ve owned a Mobylette Motobecane SP Speciale 98 but also a Z1, RD350LC, CBR400, Katana, FZR750 and GSXR750

We know that before living in Spain you used to have motorcycles in UK. What motorcycles have you owned, and where does your passion for motorcycles come from?

My first ever bike (moped) was a Mobylette Motobecane SP Speciale 98. All my friends had Yamaha FS1Ms and were restricted to 30mph (48kph), mine kept up with the 125cc bikes up to 65mph (105kph). This I had until I passed my car test in 1987. I was seriously into off-road bikes, I owned a CR80 for a while which was a beast, then sports-bikes came along, the serious lust was born.  I’ve owned a Z1, RD350LC, CBR400, Katana, FZR750 and GSXR750, although, none of them made it to the road whilst I owned them. The Z1 was fully restored and my friend still has it to this day. Although I didn’t own them, I had a lot of bikes on-loan to me, my best mates had more than one bike. Every year we used to go to the Bike Show at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC), we always rode a different bike to what we arrived on for the return journey. Of all the super-bikes I’ve ridden, the one that stands out the most in my memories was the RSV Mille R with a barely legal exhaust system. On tick-over, it shook the floor and all those standing around it. My passion for bikes has been there for as long as I can remember, but what triggered it was a Z1 being started up every morning, I was only 7 or 8 and I remember the sound was just totally awesome.

The ingredient that cannot be missing is communication

Changing the scenario… From your experience, in an age where people seem to consume content on demand, what ingredient cannot be missing to attract them to the radio?

There are so many ingredients that cannot be missed now. I spend a lot more time doing promo than I do mixing, that alone is a full-time job. It also seems that different genres attract different types of people. I’m blessed that in my genre (Melodic House and Techno), most people are like-minded and easy-going decent human beings. Word-of-mouth is how DeeepLuv has grown and is continuing to grow, once the reputation grows, the audience grows and that’s down to a whole load of different things. So, in answer to your question, I guess the ingredient that cannot be missing is communication.

During the spring of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, was it difficult to adapt to work from home?

2020 as a whole… what a disaster!!! It was looking to be the best year EVER for DeeepLuv, I’d secured 4 days a week at some very awesome beach clubs, bookings for venues and even a slot on a festival. I earn the majority of my living working outdoors, working from home wasn’t really an option, music writing. It has been very hard adapting to working from home, although, I have written some pretty cool tracks. My latest EP will be a great success I hope!

How is the pandemic situation affecting DJs?

Everything has stopped, it has been catastrophic time. DJs are slowly starting to get work again in restaurants and bars, club DJs are still out of work and will be for the foreseeable. For most, a career change has had to be made.The pandemic has killed a lot of our industry off.

Any session/s that you want to remember with our readers?

I have so many sessions on Mixcloud, nearly 200 I think.  I’m super-proud of the mix I did for Tanzgemeinschaft which is reposted on

Finally, what do you do when you are not working with music?

Sleep? I’m a dog daddy to 5 so they take up a couple of hours each day hiking in the mountains. I like to be outside I guess. Music takes up most of my day in one way or the other so I don’t get much leisure time…

THANKS A LOT MY DEAR FRIEND! We really hope that the situation improves in the following months due to the vaccination with COVID19 and that business starts to roll on again.

LEGAL NOTICE: photos used in this interview are © by Keef Luv / SmartMotoRiders or entities duly mentioned).

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